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Medical tourism in the Penza region (presentation)

02 July 2021, 11:13
21 July 2021, 16:24

Medical tourism in the Penza region

Contact Information

Address: 122, Victory Avenue, Penza, 440066

Phone/fax: 8 (412) 95-48-68 / 8 (412) 44-34-63

E-mail: /

Basic information about a medical organization

State budgetary Healthcare Institution "Penza City Maternity Hospital", is medical organization that providing medical care during pregnancy, childbirth, the postpartum period, as well as providing care and qualified medical care to newborns. Medical care is carried out in accordance with the license for medical activity License No.LO-58-01-002278 dated August 23, 2019. The hospital was founded in 1925. The hospital includes 5 antenatal clinics, an obstetric hospital with 200 beds, a day hospital with 40 beds.

02 July 2021, 11:19
03 August 2021, 16:37

List of medical services

Specialized and primary obstetric and gynecological care for the population is provided within the framework of the “Territorial program of state guarantees of free medical care for the citizens of the Russian Federation in the Penza Region for 2019”, in accordance with the license of the Ministry of Health of the Penza Region No. LO-58-01- 002278 from August 23, 2019 on the following profiles:

  • gynecology;
  • pregnancy pathology;
  • for pregnant women and women in childbirth.

The hospital provides for specialized medical care for women:

  • emergency, emergency, medical, consultative, diagnostic and preventive, as well as the provision of expert medical care;
  • timely and high-quality examination, treatment and rehabilitation of patients in accordance with the profile of the institution and consultative and diagnostic services;
  • diagnostic and treatment assistance in the field of family planning and reproduction;
  • medical assistance to women during pregnancy, during and after childbirth: obstetrics and gynecology, neonatology, examination of temporary disability;
  • primary health care for:
  • anesthesiology and resuscitation, dietetics, quality control of medical care, clinical laboratory diagnostics, ultrasound diagnostics.

The following types of services are provided in antenatal clinics:

  • Clinical observation of pregnant women, including the allocation of women of “risk groups” in order to prevent and early identify complications of pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period;
  • Organization of prenatal screening for the formation of risk groups for intrauterine lesions of the fetus;
  • Identification, establishment of medical indications and referral of pregnant women, puerperas, women with gynecological diseases for specialized medical care;
  • Physical and psycho-preventive preparation of pregnant women for childbirth, including preparing the family for the birth of a child;
  • Advising and providing reproductive health services, using modern methods of preventing abortion and preparing for pregnancy and childbirth;
  • Organization and conduct of preventive examinations of the female population with the aim of early detection of gynecological and oncological diseases, pathology of the mammary glands;
  • Examination and treatment of pregnant women and gynecological patients using modern medical technologies, including in a day hospital;
  • The implementation of abortion in the early stages, as well as the performance of small gynecological operations using modern medical technologies;
  • Providing legal, psychological and medical-social assistance to women and members of their families based on an individual approach, taking into account personality characteristics;
  • Consulting on the social protection of women seeking termination of an unwanted pregnancy.
02 July 2021, 11:23
03 August 2021, 16:38

Algorithm of applying to a medical organization for a foreign citizens

Free visit, hospitalization of foreign citizens is carried out in emergency cases, as well as in the presence of a voluntary or compulsory health insurance policy.
In case of emergency, you can contact a medical organization by calling (8412) 44-34-63, address 122, Victory Avenue, Penza, 440066 .
If you have a medical policy Rules for making an initial appointment / consultation / inspection.

02 July 2021, 11:30
03 August 2021, 16:39